Companionship Care

We all know living alone or caring for a loved one can be very difficult and/or stressful. In some cases, the family isn’t always available to provide the companionship that their loved ones need. We hope to alleviate stress and allow more communication with family members, especially those in long-distance situations. Select Home Care understands the importance of emotional care and how it contributes to one’s health, happiness, and well being. Having a caregiver provides companionship and care around the house, but it can also provide satisfaction and possibly build a lasting friendship.

Companionship Care Services include:

  • Friendly Companionship
  • Medication Reminders
  • Assisting Any Appointments
  • Assisting Social Outings
  • Errands
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Meal Preparation and Cleanup
  • Monitoring Diet and Eating
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Making bed and linen changes
  • Laundry
  • Socialization
  • Encourage light exercise
Companionship Care services

Personal Care

Whether due to illness, injury, or changes normal to aging, sometimes what is needed is a little assistance to get our day going or to end the day safely.

Personal Care Services include:

  • Includes All "Companionship Care" Services
  • Washing and bathing
  • Eating
  • Clothing and dressing
  • Assistance with hygiene
  • Incontinence Care
Personal Care Services

Hospice and Palliative Care Support

Hospice and Palliative care provide a high level of care for the end of life process. However, families face enormous emotional and physical demands that include personal care, meal preparation, errands, and housekeeping. These demands can be overwhelming; that’s because hospice typically relies on family members to take on the primary caregiving roles. We provide caregivers who specialize to meet the needs of hospice patients as well as provide comfort and emotional support to the families.

Hospice and Palliative Care include:

  • Includes All "Companionship Care" and "Personal Care" Services
  • Respite Care for Family
  • Dressing and Personal Hygiene
  • Medication Reminders
  • Assisting Patients with Comfort Measures
  • Emotional Support
Hospice and Palliative Care

More Services

Overnight Care

Home care doesn’t stop at the end of the day. We can also provide overnight care so you or your loved one can rest comfortably through the twilight hours. The fully trained caregiver is there to assist with toileting, a reminder of reminding medication, and moving position in bed, and anyway, you need help. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

24 Hours Care

24hours care means having a fully trained caregiver staying with you in your own home. Your caregiver will support you with your specific needs to keep you comfortable and independent at home.

Whether it’s helping with personal care, keeping on top of the chores, or moving around the house, many of our caregivers become a rock to their clients, enabling them to live the way they want every day. With the daily help of a caregiver, you or your loved one can choose to stay in your own home. Our clients say that the one-to-one support they receive is beyond compare.

Call us today to talk about your care needs and see how live-in care may suit you.

Bathing Services

Bathing and toileting are two of the most personal things that a person does throughout the day. For many of us, we take for granted being able to bath ourselves and care for our matters. However, for the aging, bathing and attending to other personal care needs may be difficult due to illness or mobility loss.

Assisting a family member or someone in bathing care services can feel awkward both for you and them. Our bathing service can be the right solution for you or your loved one. We offer senior bathing services for elders too frail or sick to take care of themselves.

Our highly trained caregiver will provide bathing and others. Ensures that your loved one receives proper hygiene maintenance and helps avoid falls associated with slippery floors and transferring in and out of the shower or tub. Above all else, it provides families peace of mind knowing their loved one will be clean and in good hands.

Bathing Services can include:
  • Baths, showers, shampoo in bed, tub, or shower
  • Oral care
  • Shaving
Bathing Services

Family Respite

Everybody requires personal time, more so when they care for someone else, which is why respite can be integral to you and your family, whether it’s covering for a family vacation or sickness/emergencies.

We’re here to make sure the person you care for has the right support, even if you’re not around. You can rest assured that your loved one is safe and has everything they need.

Please contact us for more details.

Family Respite